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Aaron astrology dating an aries girl quotes

Hot Nude gallery Aaron astrology dating an aries girl quotes.

What your sign says about you. Results 1 to 13 of I think this is pretty neat. Which one's your sign, is it true to you?

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Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and it's a fire sign and a cardinal one too. Perhaps it comes as no surprise then that this sign is the most forward of forward when it comes to sex. Plenty of it is required, and the more exotic and 'dangerous' the better. Arians feel the urge to make love in the most unlikely and frankly uncomfortable!

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Alternatively, some but a minority of Arians live quite happily without any sex at all - the two extremes of the spectrum, because extreme is something Arians do well. Sexually experimental, the Aries woman is very oral, and also has a deliciously wicked sense of humour with which to charm her man both before and after love-making.

Aries man is equally open-minded, but sometimes has a hard Aaron astrology dating an aries girl quotes being faithful. Naturally impulsive and often reckless, this sign above all others needs to be careful with sexual health. Taurus is an earth sign, and incredibly sensual - which is not the same thing as sexual. Although they very much enjoy sex with the right partner, they are quite undemanding and don't go in for party tricks.

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Better an evening of good conversation, food and companionship, which ends with nothing more than a kiss, than an hour of wild romping with the wrong person - that's a Taurus opinion. Some Taureans are very modest, and most are shy to a certain extent, especially when younger. The Taurus woman may well be a bit of a late starter, sexually - whilst all her friends are comparing bedroom notes she will sit and ponder and wait for the right time.

Mind you, she probably makes up for it by then being considered a far better lover than many of her over-eager companions. Taurus man can be quite uptight about sex, but in the company of a gentle and considerate companion both sexes flourish and enjoy. Taureans love food, so any form of sex-play which involves copious amounts of ice-cream or yoghurt is sure to be a hit!

Gemini has a reputation as one of the intellectuals of the zodiac. True, but that studious exterior masks a healthy, lively and joyful appreciation of sex as well.

Think of the Gemini Aaron astrology dating an aries girl quotes as the quintessential sexy librarian in films - all neat hair bun and rimmed glasses, just waiting for someone to loosen a few hair pins and talk her into bed. Typical Gemini man in an studious accountant who turns into a hot blooded Romeo between the sheets. As ever with Gemini, there is more than meets the eye. An ever present curiosity means that this sign Aaron astrology dating an aries girl quotes willing to try anything at least once, and may develop a liking for some 'unusual' routines.

Undeniably a very communicative sign, Geminis are turned on by bedroom talk, the raunchier the better. Although this is the sign of the twins, Geminis are not averse to having more than one for company - threesomes and more excite their imagination, even if they never put it into practice. This sign is also the most likely to be bisexual. With Cancer being a water sign, people often assume that slushy sentimentality takes precedence over sex in their lives. Sentimental they are, but this is a cardinal sign too, and Cancer has a healthy sexual appetite.

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This is sometimes spoiled by shyness or Aaron astrology dating an aries girl quotes, however, especially with a new partner. Cancer woman is terribly worried about what a partner thinks of her body, and will cover up when she can if she's not in tip top shape.

Cancer man worries too, but is more likely to just avoid sex if his confidence is low. All Cancerians have a very active fantasy life, and most are turned on by raunchy novels, films or soft porn, so long as there is an element of romance and 'happily ever after' about it.

Hardcore pornography, though, is abhorrent to them, so a partner needs to know where to draw the line. Sex without love is incomprehensible to a Cancer person of either sex.

In a happy relationship both sexes are eager to please their partner, and will take time over making love. In a rocky relationship, neither sign is above using sex or the lack of it as a weapon. Leo is the second fire sign, and loves sex nearly as much as Aries does. There's one important difference, however - they're fussy.

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Leos are sticklers for luxury and comfort, and won't be found bouncing around in bushes for anyone! Being a fixed sign they can also be extraordinarily self-contained, and would rather not make love at all than feel in any way emotionally unsure about it.

Dignity is also important, so they don't find the, ahem, more 'complicated' Aaron astrology dating an aries girl quotes nearly as much fun as some other signs might. The Leo woman makes love with more than just her genitals, making full use of her hair, her eyes and her voice.

The Leo man is many women's idea of a perfect lover - slow, sensual and appreciative, and he even knows where the less obvious erogenous zones are without having to find a map first. Both sexes enjoy the use of mental fantasy and imagery, and both are quite vocal in bed. Virgo the virgin is a bit of misnomer, as Virgo men and women are actually quite highly sexed.

This is an earth sign, after all, and their curiosity leads them into adventurous situations, often early in life. In their day to day lives, many Virgos are quite quiet and submissive - despite, or perhaps because of this, a Virgo in the bedroom is often keen to be in control.

They like bondage, or at least the thought of it - perhaps this is a quirky reference to Virgos being known as the servants of the zodiac! Cleanliness and hygiene are important to them, but not to the extreme that you might believe. With Mercury ruling this sign, Virgo women are often keen to act out their fantasies.

Virgo men are sometimes too shy to ask, but will love you forever if you volunteer to act out theirs.

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Surprisingly, it's also one of the most signs most likely to be promiscuous - sex and love are separate issues for them, and so they don't feel that being physically unfaithful is necessarily wrong.

Libranson the other hand, often confuse sex with love, to the extent that the partner of a Libran may complain that they don't spend enough 'affectionate' time without having sex.

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The whole aesthetic experience of love-making is very important to Libra, but the details have to be right. Making love on Aaron astrology dating an aries girl quotes of a grand piano in an opulent ballroom is fine. A quick fumble up against the juke box down the pub is not.

For the Libra woman, quality is more important than quantity. She may not make love as often as some other signs, but when she does, she does it properly. Libra man has an almost intuitive grasp of what pleases a woman, and is especially good at erotic massage.

Being ruled by Venus, this is a sensual sign, and they are especially adept at the soft music, candlelight and rose petals bit.

They do want to venture further afield than the bedroom, but it's more likely to be to a scented bubble bath than to a muddy field. Languid and sometimes a little lazy, this sign likes sex that doesn't require too much physical effort! Last edited by ComputeGat; at Scorpio's reputation as the sex-machine of the zodiac is unwarranted.

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Aaron astrology dating an aries girl quotes is actually a very sensitive sign, and they are far too emotionally involved with the act of sex to be as promiscuous or as lustful as is often suggested. Many like to cultivate that image, but the reality is a different story - this is one of the more prudish signs of the zodiac. Very proud and dignified, the Scorpio woman doesn't want to perform party tricks, and nor does she want to be caught in a compromising position.

In private, with the right man, she is often a wonderfully exotic lover, but only if she totally trusts her man. Scorpio men sometimes have difficulty in letting themselves go enough to really enjoy sex, but if they are in a happy relationship they will eventually be persuaded to engage in some of their milder fantasies.

Neither sex is particularly vocal during love-making, preferring to express themselves with bodies and eyes rather than voices. Clothes, and the removal of them, are very sexual for this sign, so Scorpios love strip-teases, and also erotic but tasteful underwear or outfits.

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