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Asexual bingo card


I'm making this for all of those people who need Asexual bingo card good comeback for stupid people or aceophobes, or know good comebacks! I'll post a few of my own:. I get that a lot of society is hetero! Stop shoving it into every stinking book, movie, music video, and TV show ever, while snubbing every other orientation!

I don't hate cishet people.

If I remember rightly this...

I Asexual bingo card strongly dislike anyone who thinks asexuality is not important. Let's see how offended they get. Ignorant people should be educated, not attacked. Willfully ignorant people should be ignored. Anything else is a waste of time and dignity. Most people I've met who initially took the pee-pee quickly came round once it was explained to them.

Misusing a Dawkins' quote, "We're all asexuals, we just fancy one less gender to you". I thought of this scenario. Say you're talking to a heterosexual substitute for anything. If you're going to do a Captain Jack Sparrow voice, you need to end with "Savvy?

Yeah, I don't think coming back with any of the things in here is necessarily the best move, or even a good move. It would, however, be incredibly satisfying. So call them ignorant right to their face? Pretty direct for a comeback, but I mean I like to be more subtle when layin' down the shade. Wait so I am someone who was never meant to be?

Like pretty much a force against nature itself? Why else would Asexual bingo card ask? There's nothing for you there you pervy aberration. Ignorant people should be shown their fucking place.

It's not OK to ask people things about Asexual bingo card sexuality. It's called sexual harassment to make people feel uncomfortable or dis-empowered by asking them personal questions of sexual nature.

You owe nobody an explanation, and if somebody asks "Asexual bingo card" much about something that isn't their fucking business then tell them where to shove it. Show them the world doesn't have to put up with their shit.

I just want to say: Respect comes from both sides, "Comeback lines for acephobic people" arent going Asexual bingo card solve anything especially if a situation is already tense and about to get out of hand.

Dont put more oil on Asexual bingo card fire but use maturity against ignorance instead rather then you being just as ignorant as them. Its more important to educate them about asexuality in a respectful and mature manner if they are willing to listen and Asexual bingo card they still insult you then its the best to walk away instead of firing things back at them then you are no better then those who started the fight in the first place, people usually handle out of lack of knowledge so i cant really blaim them for reacting the way they do when someone says they are asexual.

Explaining asexuality to people is exhausting, so I avoid talking about it. Yes, educating people is important, but it's not like it's my full-time job. If the conversations turn towards relationships or something about sex life my answer usually is something like "I can't be bothered".

Most of the time that is enough and nobody tries to delve deeper into it. You are right, I totally agree with you and i "Asexual bingo card" understand the point you make but there is one thing that i would like to make clear im speaking in general "Asexual bingo card" to avoid any confusion or miscommunication It is your responsibility as a mature adult to show maturity when people are ignorant, there is no need to battle ignorance with ignorance because thats the whole point of these comeback lines.

I agree with you that its not our full time job to constantly educate people on asexuality, that would be exhausting but the message we bring to the people around us is very important and that is what i see as my full time job: To be mature and responsible. Open asexual or not, people will see you the way you choose to represent yourself to them especially if you are open about your sexuality thats why i say that comeback lines arent going to get us anywhere if we want people Asexual bingo card understand us but its all Asexual bingo card being mature and responsible when you end up in such a situation otherwise dont be surprised Asexual bingo card people react different to what you say then the way you expected them to.

Im still closeted for several reasons but i rather say to them that my sexuality is private and that i do not wish to discuss it further and walk away if they dont stop being ignorant then using a line to battle theyre ignorance with the same ignorance they use on me, if i Asexual bingo card measure them with the same ignorance they are measuring me i have to say that im not one single hair better then them.

I just stick to polite, informative responses though I haven't had to deal with any persistently daft people.

So now, for your entertainment,...

Those who honestly don't understand don't get sassed off, and trolls Asexual bingo card thrown off or quickly give up. Asexual Musings and Rantings Search In. Help fund AVEN's servers! Archived This topic is now archived and is Asexual bingo card to further replies. Posted September 23, I'll post a few of my own: Stop shoving it in my face! Asexual bingo card that's totally humanly biologically possible.

Maybe you Asexual bingo card haven't met the right girl yet. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Not mine, but very memorable to me: Of course I wouldn't like that. I also normally respond to "Like a plant? I am actually making a bingo card. Posted September 26, It's only a phase.

I just don't get it?? Imagine having sex with your mother. Asexual bingo card September 28, When did you decide to be asexual? When did you decide to be Asexual bingo card How do you know if your asexual if you haven't had sex? How did you know you were straight without experimenting? Posted September 29, Only one comeback is needed to idiotic comments: I see most of those comeback as just a light figurative slap on the wrist, as in "you're going into ignorant territory here".

A stop sign, if you will. And some of them are just putting things into a different perspective like thekittyhawk's answerwhich is already part of educating people. And unless they're really willfully ignorant, they'll listen to you after that. And if they're willfully ignorant, their sensitivities about "attacks" don't matter. Shouldn't have attacked first if they can't handle comebacks.

Waste of dignity would be trying to explain to "Asexual bingo card" who clearly doesn't want to understand. Posted October 1, Posted October 2, Posted October 3, Sign In Sign Up. Each poster begins by choosing an aromantic bingo (or asexual if you're Also, you have to host the bingo card on another site, don't you?. Asexual and Aromantic Bingo Cards. A collection of all the ones I've managed to find. I'm posting them as Asexual bingo card to give credit to the original.

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Im making this for all...