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Jobless team cunt

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Sharing you story is an act of courage. It is also a hugely effective contribution to the movement for change. Sharing your story has all these effects:. The public perception of social security recipients is twisted by the mass media and the Coalition government. They portray Jobless team cunt security recipients as the problem. They use this blame-game to turn employed workers who are feeling the pinch of insecure and casualised work against unemployed workers.

And they use this blame game to cover their destruction of our social security safety net. In fact, this country can afford dignified social security and employment for all who need it. Having trouble logging in to post to our forum auwustories? In either case, be sure to write down your UsernameEmailand Password for next time you visit this website.

This is a rule of centrelink. I live 25 km from Childers nearest Town. They bought me a Bloody Jobless team cunt Battery 2 Weeks ago!

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Jobless team cunt is the Mentality of these Bastards. They now advertised that I am Job Ready! I may as well be living 30 miles out to sea on a bloody Raft! I have never understood the need for compulsory fortnightly attendance at these agencies. In my opinion, if the government wants to contact us, they can phone. I can beat that.

The only thing they provide is money for their own coffers.

They can make copious withdrawals from the Fund whenever they feel that there is a net gain on the return of that investment. IE whether your chances of gaining work from the purchase s is high enough to warrant the withdrawal s. Thanks Jenny for this. Wondering if other jobseekers are having issues with Job Services Australia providers.

Mine have just put me through a motivation and follow up reverse marketing course. But the reverse marketing is utter crap! We had to provide a list of 10 companies we would like to work for, problem is when you or so called reverse marketing expert calls them, there are no positions available etc. Companies are downsizing these days, not hiring hordes of people. Us jobseekers already know this anyway.

Waste of time and counterproductive. I am fed up with dealing with these Job Services Jobless team cunt imbeciles. They understand nothing and just Jobless team cunt putting jobseekers through the same old unworkable process. Willing Older Workers W.

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Jobless team cunt add them to a document that we send to politicians. More information is available on http: I was a straight A student whose parents split up in late and had to live with my mother. She began dating a psychopath who would beat me up for any reason under the sun. I realised my only options were suicide or centrelink so I applied and it took over a year before they accepted my claim. This was because I needed to get a third party to fill out an unreasonable to live at home form.

Considering I aced school Jobless team cunt might assume I got along with my teachers but it was quite the opposite. I never once had a good teacher and would literally sleep through school because it was so easy boring. They even tried to deny me when I had dried blood all over my face. Both myself and my mother were told that I should have gotten centrelink when I first applied for it a year prior but they took no accountability and refused to back-pay me a single cent.

I was a student at the time Jobless team cunt had hoped that centrelink would accept me so that I could continue my studies in a non-abusive environment. When my life savings had all been used to pay for rent, bills and food I was forced to move back to the abusive environment or become homeless.

When I was finally approved 9 months later May it was not as a student but as a job seeker.

But why inscribe these graves...

I really did want a job and decided to give it my best knowing that I could always return to university and remain on centrelink. So this is when centrelink stopped being such a thorn in my ass and max employment took over. They taught me nothing and the more I requested help the Jobless team cunt of a deterrent they became. So I stopped trying to get any help from them and tried to be grateful that such an Jobless team cunt agency only wanted me to come in once a month.

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