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By submitting this form, you agree to Third Door Media's terms. We respect your privacy. Facebook is making it easier for brands to retarget people with ads on Facebook based on how those people come into contact with a brand in the real world.

Last month, I reported that Facebook was testing a way for advertisers to target ads to people who had visited their brick-and-mortar locations. Facebook is taking tools that it had previously introduced for brands to measure ad-driven offline events and applying them in reverse.

Among those requirements, a brand must operate at least 10 separate locations. But it is easier now.

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Brands have always been able to use Custom Audiences to target ads People store facebook people who bought something in their stores or called their offices, but it was up to the brand to figure out how to do so. Since those are among the data that can be used by Facebook to match people to their Facebook profiles, the brand could then add that information to a spreadsheet and upload the spreadsheet to Facebook to create a Custom Audience. Now, Facebook is automating that manual process.

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And earlier this year, Facebook enabled certain CRM systems to directly plug into its offline conversion tracking system. To apply these ad-attribution tools to ad targeting, People store facebook will use the offline events logged to create and update Custom Audiences for a brand in real time, said Francis.

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