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Hatchery technology developed by ICAR-CIBA for the production of seabass seed and nursery rearing technology for the fingerlings, has been transferred to a young entrepreneur, Mr. Jena expressed the market potential of seabas Both nursery and grow out culture have Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating economically impressive results where in 0.

The meeting was convened Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating Honorable Dr. About 60 tribal women from the village participated in the programme. KRC of CIBA has been working with the tribal people of this area to popularize integrated farming of fish and livestock for the "Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating" improvement. The training was attended by 50 farmers along with local Gram Panchayat representatives, Pradhan and social activists.

The MoU was signed on 25th September, by Dr. The Second state-of-the-art aquaculture laboratory inaugurated at Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh on The farmers community centre and state-of-the-art aquaculture diagnostic laboratory, the second in AP was inaugurated on 12th September The training programme was inaugurated on 16th July, by Dr.

The technology along with customized feed mill is being transferred to series of private entrepreneurs and government agencies for up scaling and commercial production on a non-exclusive basis. Scientist of CIBA, sensitized fishers and other villagers from the coastal areas Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating Puducherry on the food production, employment and income generation using cost-effective and environmentally sustainable models of fish farming such as polyculture and Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture On commemorating the celebration of fourth international yoga day Dr.

Ambasankar, Principal scientist and Nodal officer for yoga day, welcomed the gathering and gave a brief about the importance of yoga day and its celebrations at the institute On this occasion, Dr. The KCT group had earlier signed a memorandum The technology is being transferred George Chamberlain opened up his talk by touching up on the importance of seafood and production scenarios and related challenges.

Globally, the growing awareness on the health The collaboration programme will cover technical collaboration and partnership in the development of ecofriendly shrimp feed, the Vanami Ecoplus Mruthyunjaya, while giving his invited talk, revisited the landscape of Indian Agricultural Research System, and stressed that agricultural research should be society driven and agricultural scientists "Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating" The technology is being transferred to private entrepreneurs for up scaling and commercial production on a non-exclusive basis.

Gopakumar, former DDG, Fisheries. Distinguished members of RAC, viz. Sugunan, former ADG, Dr. Dr K K Vijayan, Director of the institute hoisted the tri-colour flag of the nation and delivered an address to the CIBA staff members and their family.

Akula of The Waterbase Ltd. In his inaugural speech, he highlighted the importance of nutritional security for the growing Indian population and the scope of aquaculture in meeting the protein demand. He Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating his appreciation on the achievements of ICAR-CIBA in developing indigenous feed technologies and its subsequent commercialization for the benefit of brackishwater farmers in the country.

This indigenous technology is an import substitute for Asian seabass hatchery technology. Meenakumari, Chairperson, National Biodiversity Authority inaugurated the workshop and emphasised the importance of cataloguing of exotic fish species in India and stressed the co-ordination of national bodies like ICAR institutes, National biodiversity and State Fisheries departments to create region wise quarantine facilities in order to address the biosecurity concerns in Indian context, with reference to the exotic species and pathogens.

As it is not possible to issue the SWHCs to a large number of aquaculture farmers by collecting and analyzing the samples throughout the country by the Institute, CIBA developed a working model by impressing upon the fisheries colleges and private aquaculture laboratories existing in a particular district to analyze the samples at free of cost.

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They also stressed for effective convergence through strategic planning between Government of Goa and CIBA for large scale promotion of brackishwater aquaculture in Goa State. Parikar sought special focus on Asian seabass and shrimp farming in Goa. A partnership farming model of Indian white shrimp P. Though exotic shrimp vannamei has totally captured coastal aquaculture diaspora contributing almost 4.

It Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating more appealing to try out new avenues and species when farmers are failing to get successful shrimp crop due to extreme physico-chemical condition high salinity and disease prevalence.

Healthy food is important and it is imperative to connect the people who produce the food for others. Agriculture, the noble profession has the potential to eradicate poverty, unemployment and enhance the prosperity of the nation.

Nevertheless, there has been a growing disconnect between agriculture and national development which needs to be refocused. A favourable attitude towards agriculture needs be inculcated among the students because teaching a student is tantamount to educating a family. CIBA celebrated this day on 21st November at Keelarkollai village in Koovathur Panchayat of Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu in convergence with about villagers including fishers, tribals, rural youth and local leaders.

Koovathur is a diversified village with crop husbandry, animal husbandry and fisheries as major occupation. The CIBA team is working with the villagers disseminated the aquaculture technologies, which can provide alternate livelihood opportunities, to increase their income. The hapa based seabass nursery rearing has already initiated in the village. The districts of Bathinda, Muktsar, Fazilka and parts of Mansa have regions with underlying low saline ground water; hence agricultural productivity in this region is low as compared to the rest of the regions in Punjab owing to poor soil fertility, insufficient irrigation network and the absence of a major river system flowing through the region.

Farmers in this region earn an income of Rs. As on day, India is self-sufficient and self-reliant in food production and also Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating food grains. However, due to less profitability and an attitudinal bias towards city based jobs participation of younger generation in farming is taking a beat. The younger generation is technology savvy and socially networked and hence the outlook of farming needs a change to catch their imagination, Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating providing them opportunity to get exposure with farming activities.

Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating educated youth look at farming as a need, being a food production sector, also to understand the scope for self-employment and economic benefits. They need innovative, profitable farming modules which are inspiring, challenging and Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating to consider farming as a profession or a career. Attracting and facilitating the educated youth to farming is the only way to keep the farming in perpetuity and feed the people in the days to come.

Brackishwater cage farming of seabass fish harvest at Vennangupattu village. An entrepreneur cheerfully holding a bag of hatchery produced milkfish seeds during the event of seed release. Radha Mohan Singh, Hon.

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Farm reared mud crab, Scylla serrta: Non invasive sampling of gonads of milkfish broodstock at CIBA, Muttukadu — a skilled expertise in captive breeding of milkfish. Scanning electron micrograph of microsporidian parasite Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei EHP of shrimp, continue to be disease of Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating for shrimp farming in India. Pond reared Milkfish, Chanos chanos during sampling in Andhra Pradesh. Successful demonstration trials to evaluate the performance of Indian White Shrimp Penaeus indicus conducted along the selected coastal states.

Successful captive rearing of Hilsa Tenualosa ilisha using natural seed in brackishwater pond. Consolidated information on Swachhata Hi Seva Consolidated day-wise report on Swachhata Hi Seva Swachh Bharat summer internship.

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Present day Indian shrimp farming almost entirely depends on aquaculture of exotic white shrimp, Penaeus vannamei. Sole dependence on a single species cast doubt about the sustainability of Indian shrimp farming. ICAR-CIBA has successfully demonstrated an innovative two tier milkfish farming, nursery rearing of fingerlings and grow-out in an open water pen erected in the brackishwater body, as a livelihood initiative for the benefit of tribal families, supported by CIBA under Tribal Sub Plan.

The second sub-committee of Parliament on Official Language had interaction meeting with officials of Central Institute Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating Brackishwater Aquaculture, Chennai on 4. Women contribute immensely in the farming sector but their contribution is rather invisible and explicitly under-recognized.

India celebrated its 72nd Independence day on 15th August with pride and honouring the great sacrifices made by patriots and freedom fighters. Startup initiatives are common in sectors other than aquaculture, and hence an aquaculture startup day has been organized on the occasion of 90th ICAR-foundation at CIBA on 16th Julyto infuse innovations and attract entrepreneurship in aquafarming. Honourable Minister of the state of Maharashtra, Shri. Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture, IMTA, is the farming of species from different trophic levels with complementary ecosystem Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating. CIBA Chennai celebrated the 69th Republic Day of the country in a grand manner with traditional events and cultural programmes.

Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture is the first institute initiated the distribution of soil and water health cards SWHC in fisheries sector. In order to explore the feasibility of vannamei farming in low saline waters of land locked state of Telangana, Dr. Food is our basic need and agriculture is a unique occupation which supplies food and provide raw materials for other sectors to survive. The World Fisheries Day was established to draw attention to the importance of fisheries and fish farming and to focus to the issues such Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating, overfishing, habitat destruction and other serious threats to the sustainability of global marine and freshwater resources.

South Western Punjab in India possess abundant resources of inland saline groundwater, similar to brackishwater with salinities ranging from 3 to 15 ppt.

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Farming in land or water is the noble occupation and farmers consider it as their way of life. Tender Notification · List of Medicines. Last Date: Issuing Date: Dr K. Suresh Babu, Assistant Professor, Centre for Nanoscience and Technology.

Central Government/Public Sector Tiruvarur - Tamil Nadu | Last Date: 13 Nov. The Tenders Tamil Nadu Portal of Government of Tamil Nadu is Central university of tamil nadu tenders dating central source for Departments / Organisations for which the submission date is still open.

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