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Sexual detox audiobook torrent


How Sex Sexual detox audiobook torrentin a nutshell, is a whirligig tour of the biology of human sexuality given by New York Times best-selling author Sharon Moalem. Like many other pop science titles, Moalem aims to deliver a torrent of factual trivia in a readable and entertaining manner.

Given the somewhat taboo overtones such a subject often encounters in some quarters of society, Moalem's light-hearted prose combined with his medical expertise does much to make his treatment of the topic devoid of much if any moral, ideological or political flashpoints -- though the author does provide his moral two cents from time to time e.

Though Moalem's book certainly may strike Sexual detox audiobook torrent at times as a redux of their high school sex ed. For instance, Moalem discusses some recent literature on the human leukocyte system HLA -- otherwise known as the major histocompatibility complex MHC -- to help shed light on the issue of human pheromones or lack thereof.

It should also be pointed out that the author does not shy away from discussing the evolutionary significance of many of the phenomena covered. In this vein, Moalem cites the work of others who tie in talk of pheromones as an indicator of underlying MHC genes, the latter of which are taken to be a critical criterion of mate choice among humans, with dissimilar MHC's between mates being preferred.

It is this steadfast application of Darwinian insight that often sets the book apart from what would otherwise be a rather straightforward, textbook-like -- and perhaps even dated -- treatment of the biology of sex. As an example of Moalem's bringing to bear of recent research to the numerous topics covered throughout, chapter 4 discusses analogs of the sexual behavior "Sexual detox audiobook torrent" men with monogamous and polygamous male prairie voles and montane voles, respectively.

He cites a study by behavioral geneticist Hasse Walum in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which found that married men Sexual detox audiobook torrent at a specific chromosomal locus, with two copies of Sexual detox audiobook torrent allele RS3had twice the rate of marital dysfunction, broadly construed, than Sexual detox audiobook torrent with one or none of the alleles.

This is but one instance in the book where Moalem attempts to dissolve fascinating yet provocative issues with the latest empirical findings. It should be stressed that, indeed, Moalem leaves no anatomical crevices or biological substrates related to sex unexplored in the book.

(). cover image of The...

On the female side, topics range from the Sexual detox audiobook torrent to "Sexual detox audiobook torrent" ejaculation to a brief consideration of the evolutionary function of the female orgasm; and on the male side, from prostatic fluid to circumcision to the zinc-rich composition of sperm. Chatper 5 discusses the evolution of sex itself and sexual development disorders. From here Moalem takes readers through a survey of disorders of sexual development DSD ranging from congenital adrenal Sexual detox audiobook torrent, Klinefelter syndrome, and androgen insensitivity syndrome AIS.

Moalem does a good job of showing how genetic, hormonal and environmental factors can conspire in making quick ascriptions of sex and gender problematic. Scattered throughout this discussion are well-chosen anecdotal cases for thought-provoking illustration. In Chapter 6, Moalem shifts his focus to homosexuality. After highlighting its rampant occurrence across the animal kingdom -- in literally hundreds of species -- the author reports the view of homosexuality postulated by scientists like Joan Roughgarden and Robin Dunbar as a bonding mechanism among herd and social animals.

However, Moalem is sure to remind readers that those who propound such genetic based explanations of homosexuality are not at the same time denying the importance of an environmental interaction. Moalem closes out the book with chapters on STD's and contraceptives, both of which are practically informative.

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If there are two minor shortcomings to the book, they are the following. Firstly, many of the references cited by Moalem are from stories and science reporting in the popular press. It would've been preferable to have the entirety of the references in the book drawn directly from the peer-reviewed scientific literature, since the inclusion of material from media sources weakens the credibility of those points they're intended to buttress.

Secondly, given the remarkable efflorescence of sex and mating-related work done in evolutionary psychology over the last two decades, it would've been especially beneficial if the book delved into the literature somewhat more. But these minor cavils aside, Moalem's book provides a solid, clear and up-to-date account of the biology of sex. And though the book can come across Sexual detox audiobook torrent times as reminiscent to standard textbook fare, what would otherwise Sexual detox audiobook torrent a drab lesson in anatomy and physiology is on the whole enlivened by Moalem's laid-back and engaging style.

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Book for Girls What's Happening to Tom? What's Wrong with Homosexuality? Share Welcome to Metapsychology. Talking Books Plus Audiobooks Search Results Page. Sexual Magic Meditations: Cultivating Sexual Energy to Transform Your Life, Margo Anand Judgment Detox: Release the Beliefs That Sexual detox audiobook torrent You Back from Living A Better Life. - diversity-gender-and-sexuality-in-nature-and-people-joan-roughgarden/ . http :// Audio Books Like many other pop science titles, Moalem aims to deliver a torrent of factual trivia in a readable and entertaining manner.

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Sexual detox audiobook torrent

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Am i just too gullible? Audio Books Like many other pop science titles, Moalem aims to deliver a torrent of factual trivia in a readable and entertaining manner. (). cover image of The Alchemy of Sexual Energy (). cover image of Chi Kung for Prostate Health and Sexual Vigor Cosmic Detox. Mantak Chia..

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